The, (hereinafter the “Website”), is the Website hosting the E-Shop where clothing, footwear, accessories and other goods are displayed and available for sale. belongs exclusively to the sole trader business under the name of “MARIA TSAKALOGLOU OF MICHAIL” with registered office at 170 PORTO RAFTI AVENUE, Porto Rafti, Markopoulo of Mesogaia, (Taxpayer’s Identification Number (T.I.N.) 114091780/Tax Office of Koropi, with General Electronic Commercial Register Number 137140001000, tel: 2299084226, e-mail: (hereinafter the “E-Shop”, or “dotsbydodos”, or “Business”, “We”), which is is legally managing it.

These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website (hereinafter the “Terms of Use” or “General Terms”, or “Terms”, are setting the terms and conditions, pursuant to which you, the visitors of the Website (hereinafter the “User”, “You”) are browsing in the E-Shop, making use of its content, and its Services (e.g. signing up for membership, Newsletters), and/or proceeding to transactions with it, making purchases. Further, the above terms are governing the agreements signed with dotsbydodos for goods purchase from E-Shop.
Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions, before browsing through this Website, in order to make sure you agree with them. Otherwise, you must abstain from any act within the Website or from using any Service of dotsbydodos. It is noted that if you carry out any act in our E-Shop you acknowledge you have read, understood and accepted unreservedly the below Terms and Conditions. For any clarification or query you may contact us via one of the communication means available.

Dotsbydodos reserves the right to renew, modify, delete unilaterally these Terms and Conditions, entirely or partially, (hereinafter the “Changes’’) at its absolute discretion and/or when this is imposed by the law, without requiring your prior notification or consent, but always within the strict context set by the law and fair trade practices. Dotsbydodos undertakes the obligation to inform you on the eventual changes in accordance with the above, via the Website, that will apply as of the date of their posting on this Website.
The use of this Website and any transaction carried out by you in our E-Shop shall be on your sole responsibility. Also, by using the webpage, the User states he/she is over 18 years old.



Your subscription to dotsbydodos Newsletter is on a voluntary basis, not constituting an obligatory procedure for carrying out a transaction with the E-Shop, which may be realized as well in your capacity as a “Visitor”. Nevertheless, the persons who create and hold an account with dotsbydodos (hereinafter the “Members”, may receive our newsletters and other advertising material at the electronic address (email) they will declare upon the opening of their account. The subscription to the Newsletter Service of dotsbydodos is possible as well for non Members, carried out by entering the address of electronic mail (email) in the respective field in the Website. By completing your subscription to dotsbydodos Newsletter Service, you provide us your express consent for dotsbydodos to send you information and promotional material for its products and services, and relevant advertising messages as well.


By using this Website and its Services, you agree to receive notices and messages of electronic communication from from us and unreservedly you agree they abide by all relevant legal requirements. For any complaints, comments, remarks, etc., you want to submit to us, you may communicate with us by telephone or via electronic mail.


The Website may use cookies for determining users of specific services and pages in the website. A cookie is a small data file that is send to your browsing program from a web server and stored in the hard disc of your computer. The cookies do not cause any damage to your system nor affect in any way its work or undermine its efficiency. They facilitate as well the browsing in the Website, by storing your settings. You may set the program of your browsing, so that it warns you when cookies are used in specific services in the or to prevent their use. If nevertheless do not want cookies to be used for your identification, you may not have access to those services.


Dotsbydodos via the Website displays, promotes and makes available for sale to consumers Company’s/Business products, such as indicatively cited, clothes, footwear and accessories (hereinafter the “Products”).
The information accompanying the Products displayed in the is complete, accurate and updated, while their photos constitute a real, realistic and accurate depiction of our Products. Nevertheless, as a matter of course the above assurances are provided subject eventual infiltration of any human errors (e.g. misprints) and/or force majeure causes.
Specifically, in relation to the information provided on Products’ availability, dotsbydodos takes care to carry out real time updates regarding the availability of the Products posted; nevertheless it has express reservation about it.


In order to complete your order, you must provide us obligatorily certain personal information, such as regarding the payment and expedition of the Products, etc. This information is: name, surname, email, telephone number, postal address (number, street, city, Postal Code), and the particulars of your card in case you choose to pay by credit card.
It is reminded that your subscription as a member to dotsbydodos for opening a personal Account on the Website, in no case constitutes a necessary condition in order to be able to place an order and then carry out a purchase from our E-Shop. Nevertheless, the opening of your Account allows you an individualized shopping and browsing experience in our Website.
The membership is only possible for natural or legal persons with full legal capacity. Minors (persons under 18 years old) are excluded from becoming members.
Upon placing any order, you have to submit your accurate and true particulars. After completing your order, you declare that you are the legal/authorized user of the credit/debit card you declared to us and that there exists available balance sufficient to cover the value of the Products you are buying. Our Company may (without being obliged) to proceed with checking the payment particulars you provided to us when you choose as a means of payment the credit by card. On the affirmative on any problem with transaction checked, the Company may reject your order with no further justification.
Once you have placed your order, then you will be automatically connected with the payment provider we work with, depending on the payment mode you have chosen. You may pay by cash on delivery, credit card or deposit in a bank account with Alpha Bank.
Upon successful completion of the payment of the cost of each order (and/or your bank deposit checked), automatically the system of dotsbydodos will send you a message to the email account you gave given us at the stage of placing your order, which shall notify you that we have received it, stating the Products you have ordered and all the terms of the order and the number of your order.
Once the stage of order is completed in accordance with the above, then dotsbydodos will check whether it (the order) may be carried out as it is and there is no reason of rejecting it pursuant to the provision of this document. If it is deemed it could be processed in its entirety, the dispatching procedure of your Products is scheduled with the courier company we work with.
The time of delivery and the costs depend on many factors, such as indicatively the place of delivery, the quantity of the Products, and other factors.
The duration of sale agreement between us is determined by the date the email will be send to you with the confirmation of execution of your order up to the last day your right ends to annul the order, renounce or return the product, in accordance with these terms of use and the law.


Place, Mode and Time of delivery

The Products are delivered at the address stated upon the order, within the Greek Territory.
The time of dispatch of the Products you have ordered is linked to various factors, because there might be delays for reasons not attributable to our fault. The Products are dispatched exclusively via Geniki Tachydromiki courier company. At the moment of requesting your order you may chose either the delivery of the products from our brick and mortar store, or their dispatching to the address you will indicate to us. Specifically, the following apply, with a reservation due to force majeure causes and not linked to our fault:
Without prejudice to the provisions specified in these Terms of Use, (times of delivery)

Delivery delay

Dotsbydodos makes its best for unhindered and consistent observance of the above stated schedules. Nevertheless, if for any reason an impediment arises on scheduling the dispatch of your order, we will contact you by phone in order to inform you in detail each time an issue arises.

Liability at the delivery

We are informing you that our Company remains the sole liable for eventual damage or loss of your products until you (or third parties you have authorized) to acquire the physical possession of the Products, when you have to proceed with checking the parcel received.


Dispatch charges an amount of €3,00. For purchases of a value above €60,00 no dispatch charges are paid.


Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) mode

Payment upon delivery of the order. When an employee of the courier company comes to your premises in order to deliver your products, you pay cash the value of your order. The charges of the cash on delivery mode amount of €1.5. For purchases of a value above €60 no C.O.D. charges are paid.

Payment by credit-debit card

Payment by Visa and MasterCard master cards. For the completion of your payment by this mode, you fill out the relevant fields with the necessary information required (card number, its expiry date, CCV). Dotsbydodos is processing the particulars of your card exclusively and only for the completion of the transaction between us, that is the payment of the Product you have purchased from our e-shop. The processing of your personal data is governed by dotsbydodos’ Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookies Policy.

Deposit in a bank account with Alpha Bank

Payment is made following deposit of the price of your order at the bank account (IBAN GR 1301402690269002330000808) the Company holds with Alpha Bank. Then, for the completion of the order you have to transmit the transaction receipt to the email, so that we verify the transaction and proceed with the qualification of your order as completed.


Conditions to exercise your right of withdrawal.

You have fourteen (14) calendar days to withdraw from the purchase you have made via our e-shop, without citing the reasons or provided us any explanation regarding your desire to return the products (withdrawal without cause).
The above deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days to exercise your right of withdrawal counts from the day next to the day on which you acquired the physical possession of the products. In order to exercise the said right, you must, prior to the expiry of deadline for its exercising pursuant to the above, inform us on your eventual decision to withdrawal from the Sale Agreement we have signed, by an unequivocal written statement at company’s/business’s registered office.

Return of Products because of withdrawal

Eventual return of the money is made strictly exclusively once we get back the products, from which the purchase you are withdrawing, strictly in the same excellent condition in which they were when you received them. The products must be returned without wears and wrapped in their original packaging, accompanied by all the relevant documents (receipt, return form and/or return receipt, distinctive tags of the product). In case of withdrawal in accordance with the above, it is clarified that those eventual products you have purchased with a certain discount due to the purchase of the product from which you are withdrawing, you must return them along with the basic product from the purchase of which you are withdrawing, otherwise the withdrawal is deemed as non exercised by you and therefore no obligation is generated for us.


In case of dispatching a wrong or defective product, you have the right, within 14 days from product’s reception, to contact us by telephone in order to inform us of the defect in the product or of our error during the execution of the order, and for your desire the said product to be replaced by the right / non defective product or you are refunded.
Our Company undertakes to cover the total cost of return and dispatch anew of the right/non defective product, provided the return of the wrong/defective product and the dispatching of the new, are carried out by the Geniki Tachydromiki courier company we are working with.

You expressly acknowledge and accept that the replacement of a product depends on the availability of the right/non defective product in our stores at the time of the relevant information. In case the replacement is not feasible, we shall refund you the amount you have paid, including any eventual delivery costs as well, without prejudice to the provisions below expressly specified. The refund of the money shall be carried out immediately, without undue delay. You expressly agree that the replacement of the products of which the order has been carried out with an eventual error, is carried out if the product to be replaced is returned to our Company in the same excellent condition it was at the time of its reception. In case of return of a defective product, the Company reserve the right to proceed or not with its replacement or refund you the money, in case it has no sufficient information rendering clear its fault for the defect on the product.
The refund is carried out by crediting your bank account you will notify to us upon the exercise of the right of withdrawal. In any case, for the said refund no costs will be charged. Claims for damages or pecuniary satisfaction of any nature and legal basis are excluded, nor claims of any nature for bodily injury.


Sole responsibility of the User/Consumer.

You are the sole and exclusive responsible for the lawful use of the Website and the E-Shop and you are obliged to abstain from any illegal act and abusive behavior, and from adopting unlawful practices and unfair competition practices as well.
You are solely responsible for the legality and accuracy of the Information, Data and particulars you provide to dotsbydodos, which the Business has no responsibility or obligation to verify, except if it’s imposed to it following a complaint or by the law.

Prohibited Uses

It is prohibited to use the Website and the e-shop of dotsbydodos for sending by any way; the publication or the dissemination of any content is illegal.
Any act or omission of you, violating any patent, trademark, trade secret, rights of intellectual property or other proprietary rights of dotsbydodos, or containing malicious software that may cause impediments in the functioning of the Website dotsbydodos or in general any damage to business’s /company’s reputation, is prohibited.
Furthermore it is prohibited: (a) Any access or attempt of accessing information and data (including personal date as well) circulating through the Website for which you have not any authorization or power to use, (b) The access to our E-hop with the intention of creating or producing a product or service that competes with our products, (c) The facilitation in any way and by any means of third parties to acquire access to the Data provided to dotsbydodos by its Members, (d) Any form of software piracy, hacking and/or tapping, copying, analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, alteration, resale, creation of derivative work of data (including as well personal data) and information) including as well the content and material (photos, graphics, texts, etc.) of the Website.
Please note that you are responsible for accessing the services of the webpage and the relevant access may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. internet services providers, charge of time spent on the internet). You have the sole responsibility of paying the relevant fees. Furthermore, you unreservedly acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your equipment with the necessary technological means that allow the access to the services of the Website.

Limitation of Warrantees – Liability

Our Company is always acting in good faith and within the framework provided by the Law and these Terms. Consequently, it has taken and continues constantly taking all necessary technical or other measures and makes its best in order to ensure the perfect function of the Website, nevertheless dotsbydodos DOES NOT PROVIDE RELEVANT WARRANTEES and is not obliged to indemnify you, in case you suffer any damage because of a problem encountered in it.
Furthermore, our Company does not provide any warranty for the appropriateness of Products regarding the purpose you intend to use them, nor for the proper and appropriate performance of the transaction obligation of the other Users of the website and its services. a) reserves itself regarding the time of delivery of the products in cases of force majeure, b) reserves the right at any moment to suspend temporarily or definitely the operation of the entire or a part of it for maintenance or upgrading purposes or for any reason, c) may not provide any warranty on the availability of the products, but it guarantees the timely information of the consumers on their non availability. in no case is responsible for your communication with third party service providers advertizing or being advertized in dotsbydodos and for any eventual business transaction that may result from the relationship between you. Furthermore, it bears no responsibility for eventual defects of third party products you receive as a gift.
The Website may include links to other websites. Dotsbydodos in no case may be deemed as embracing or accepting the content or the services of other websites that may be connected via links and expressly waives any liability for any content, privacy protection policy, third party content and services quality.
Dotsbydodos is only liable for fraud and gross negligence, in case you suffer a damage from information provided in the or services it provides via the website.
Dotsbydodos is entitled to exclude temporarily or permanently a Member at any time and with no obligation to state the reasons and consequently with no claims raised against It goes without saying that this member is prohibited from becoming member of dotsbydodos again with the same or other particulars unless dotsbydodos expressly consents to this. For this purpose, this member consents dotsbydodos maintains his particulars in its system in order to be able to identify eventual subsequent attempt to subscribe. The above apply in particular (but not exclusively) in case of violation of the terms of use by a member, which terms as a whole are acknowledged and agreed upon by the member as essential, in case of a request by any Authority, Court, in case of complaint by a third party beneficiary of a right against a member.
Dotsbydodos reserves the right at any time, with no justification and without incurring any liability to suspend or cease providing its services and/or its operation definitely or temporarily without bearing any obligation for this to inform in advance the members. Dotsbydodos is liable only for direct damages resulting because of its fraud or gross negligence. Without prejudice to the compulsory character of provisions, dotsbydodos’s liability is expressly excluded for direct damages because of slight negligence, independently of the legal reason. Dotsbydodos’s liability for indirect or subsequent damages is entirely and expressly excluded – independently of the reason.
Finally, we note that we bear no liability regarding the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information of those expressing themselves in the Evaluations. The Company is entitled to delete and/or not publish opinions and/or evaluations, which at its absolute discretion are contrary to its terms and purposes. Therefore, it bears no liability for eventual claims for compensation or pecuniary satisfaction, for losses and damages caused because of non publication of eventual such information and/or incomplete information and data that our Company eventually has not removed.


You agree to indemnify our Company and any third party granted rights by it (associates, employees, directors, suppliers, agents, representatives as much of the same as of its associates) for any damage, loss, costs that may incur from (a) a violation from your part of these General Rules of Use of the Website and the services provided in it (including as well the purchase from the E-Shop, (b) your compliance with these General Terms, (c) violation of application legislation by you, (d) violation of eventual rights on the protection of third party personal data, (e) violation of Company’s copyrights. In each case you incur any loss proved to be due to our Company’s gross negligence (we exclude eventual liability resulting from a slight negligence); the Company shall cover eventual direct damage of the User directly related to the harmful event and company’s gross negligence. All liability limitations set in the presents, apply in their entirety as valid and consistent with the good faith and trade practices and the Users consent to these exclusions and limitations.


The names, the images and all the trademarks and logos displayed in the Webpage are either legally registered trademarks, or Company’s property and/or third parties, companies, or respective owners, and protected by the relevant provisions of the Geek and European laws on trademarks and by international agreement and treaties. The use of these trademarks and logos without permission is absolutely prohibited. Their appearance in the webpage should not be in any way whatsoever interpreted as transfer or assignment of license or right of their use. Besides the exclusions expressly mentioned (third party intellectual rights, of associates and operators), the entire content of this webpage, including images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, the services provided and in general all the files of this website, constitute intellectual property, distinctive features and registered marks and service marks of the Company and protected by the relevant provision of the Greek Law, European Law and International Conventions and Treaties.


The management and protection of your personal data is governed by the terms of your Personal Data Protection Policy and the relevant provisions of both Greek, Community and International Law on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of, and the Decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.


Transaction Privacy

All information transmitted by the user/member to are confidential and dotsbydodos has taken all necessary measures so that their use takes place only to the extent it is necessary within the framework of the services provided, with absolute compliance as to the transaction privacy. does not reveal the particulars of the customers and their transactions, except if it has a written authorization from you or if it is imposed by a judgment or a decision of another public authority.
In the case needs to engage third parties for the support of its systems, it takes care to ensure the privacy.
For your own security, you must as well handle all information provided via the service as confidential and secret and not disclosing them to third parties.
Applicable Law – Jurisdiction
For any dispute, that eventually arises, in relation to the interpretation or application of the terms of the presents, applicable is the Hellenic Law and exclusively competent the Courts of Athens.